Arabic Learning For Kids

A fun and engaging app to teach kids the Arabic language.

4.5 stars on App Store

Arabic Learning For KidsApp Store4.5

4.5 stars on Google Play

Arabic Learning For KidsGoogle Play4.5

Designed by a native Arabic speaker to teach kids the Arabic language in a fun and engaging way

Two Versions Available

There are two versions available for the app. One is a free version which you can upgrade to full version using in-app purchase. This free version has only 2 categories unlocked. The other is a full paid version. The upgraded free version is the same as the paid version.

7 Categories

The app has 7 categories. You can choose from alphabet, numbers, colours, shapes, fruits and vegetables, animals and objects.

‘Learn’ and ‘Play’ in each category

Each category has a ‘learn’ section and a ‘play’ section.

‘Colour’ and ‘Puzzle’ as well

All categories, except the colours category, have a ‘colouring’ section and a ‘puzzle’ section.

Arabic alphabet

All 28 letters.


Numbers 1 to 10.


38 animals.

Fruits and Vegetables

26 fruits and vegetables.


11 colours.


17 objects.


10 shapes.


Kids can colour a selection of the categories items.


Yes, puzzles. It provides great fun for kids as well as great word retention.


Each category has a play section to teach and entertain the kids.


You can turn the background music on or off, change the UI language, rate the app or, if you have previously bought the full version upgrade, you can restore your purchase.

More Features

  • Pop the balloons again and again to hear a repeat of the letter, number or picture.
  • All words pronounced in proper formal Arabic (Al-Fosha).
  • All words pronounced in a clear female voice.
  • All words have their spelling displayed.
  • And more…